Thursday, August 07, 2014

Get your heart rate going

One of the abilities that I have added to UUpdates Is the ability to rate sites that are being aggregated. Previously the site only had the ability to filter/ignore posts from certain sites.  Someone suggested that it might be useful not to entirely block certain sites, but rather it would be good to have a way to designate certain sites so that they could view updates from only their favorites, most sites or if they wanted to review all the posts on the site depending on how much time they had to peruse the site.

By default when you log onto the site you will see an indicator saying that you are viewing sites you have rated 3 stars or higher:
You will also find (again, you must be logged in) the ability to rate each site as each post from a site is displayed, or in the list of sites.  Just hover over the hearts and click to indicate your level of interest in that site.  In this example I have rated the Interdependent Web as 5 hearts:

Other sites you might not be as interested in.  So those sites you can rate 1 or 2 hearts and they will not appear by default when you visit the site.  You can always check back on sites and change their ratings.

In a hurry and only want to see the content you really love?  Just click the filter to only show the sites rated as 4 or 5 stars.  Log in on your phone, tablet or any device and all your selections come with you.

Hopefully this wil prove to be a quick and easy way to be more selective about the content you follow.