Thursday, October 14, 2010

Theology in Theater Class

So my daughter came home with a scene that she needs to rehearse for theater class. It was especially interesting because there were a number of lines that she didn't get, she couldn't understand how to say the lines. What is a saint? What is a monsignor? Why would you have to sue to be a priest (after all, mommy is a minister)? Why is nun/sister used interchangeably? What does it mean to bounce and cross yourself?

The scene takes place in a Catholic church, with two little girls escaping the mass for a bit under the pretense of heading to the bathroom. It was actually a fun way to learn about for her. And having been raised catholic easy enough to explain.

Hardest part had to be the ending. The scene ends with a silly version of the Lord's Prayer and the characters ask for forgiveness of various trespasses. So how do you explain to a nine year old who Vanilla Ice was and why he is a trespass to be forgiven?

Friday, May 07, 2010


Occasionally when UUpdates has had issues the feedback pages have also had issues. So, I am just opening up this post for any feedback in case the email or other feedback mechanisms are broken.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Standing on the Side of Love

I have made a change to one of the sites that is being tracked by UUpdates. I was tracking the main feed for the "Standing On The Side Of Love" site ( but it appears that some of the items from the feed link to blank pages. So, I have updated the site to track instead. Unfortunately it looks like there is no way to follow the "In the News" feed and automatically link through to the desired content. If you are interested in following that then you will need to follow the updates here: