Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fifth Annual UU Blog Awards

Howdy folks, a bit of a late start on the blog awards this year...

Last year I remember thinking when I saw Aaron Sawyer blog post about presenting at an award show how uninteresting an awards show would be if the accounting firm of "so and so" simply walked on stage, thanked everyone, then tacked up the winners on a poster board. This seems to me to be what I have been doing with the blog awards. Dull, uninspired. But if I got some of you good people involved….How much more exciting and interesting!

In sum, I need volunteers this year to host each award category. This is what I am thinking:
  • Volunteers will respond to this blog post to claim a category (see below) It may be best not to claim a category for which you suspect you may be nominated!
    • Contact me with your e-mail address
    • Put up a post on your blog to collect nominations
    • Collect, vet, and make sure we have a link for all nominations, preferably title as well. Oh, you will probably also get people saying "thanks but no thanks" that will need to be removed before being finalized.
  • When nominations close send the data to me. I will handle the ballot and voting per usual. I will allow the votes to show for a while, but then towards the end voting will go into mystery mode where the results will not be revealed until the end. Unless folks think I should keep it in mystery mode the whole time.
  • Once the voting is done, I will e-mail you the results to be revealed/presented on your blog.
Award Categories:
  • Best Religious Writing or Theological Commentary (Single entry and Best of Class)
  • Best Anecdote or Narrative (Single entry and Best of Class)
  • Best Political Commentary (Single entry and Best of Class)
  • Best Review or Cultural Commentary
  • Best Design or Use of Visuals
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Non-UU-Themed Blog
  • Best UU-Themed Blog
  • Best Minister Blog
  • Best Seminarian Blog
  • Best Lay Blog
  • Best Writing
Once we have the volunteers we can set a time line for when nominations, voting, etc. will run.

And of course, questions and comments are welcome.

Update: Life needs my attention devoted elsewhere. If anyone else wants to "host" awards this year, please do. Otherwise Philocrites started a top ten meme.