Thursday, October 14, 2010

Theology in Theater Class

So my daughter came home with a scene that she needs to rehearse for theater class. It was especially interesting because there were a number of lines that she didn't get, she couldn't understand how to say the lines. What is a saint? What is a monsignor? Why would you have to sue to be a priest (after all, mommy is a minister)? Why is nun/sister used interchangeably? What does it mean to bounce and cross yourself?

The scene takes place in a Catholic church, with two little girls escaping the mass for a bit under the pretense of heading to the bathroom. It was actually a fun way to learn about for her. And having been raised catholic easy enough to explain.

Hardest part had to be the ending. The scene ends with a silly version of the Lord's Prayer and the characters ask for forgiveness of various trespasses. So how do you explain to a nine year old who Vanilla Ice was and why he is a trespass to be forgiven?