Saturday, September 12, 2009

Since this posted a while ago

Due to some server issues, migration, etc. etc. I got a tad behind on adding entries to UUpdates. One blog seems to be updated fairly regularly, and the particular post of interest is no longer current I thought I would link to it here. Check out this post on growing religion through social media.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hosting Company Recommendations?

Anyone have suggestions for a good hosting company? My current hosting company has annoyed me for the last time. It is more than time to move on. Requirements include:
  • Would be nice if they were a "green" host. Run on wind power or some such.
  • Need at least 2-3 GB of bandwidth per month. Thousands of visitors and all the fetching traffic add up.
  • PHP/MySQL are absolute musts fewer the limitations on number of databases, etc. the better
  • Ability to host multiple domains
  • Cron support (or some scheduled task) is a must
  • SSH is a must
  • Ability to acces at least port 80 outbound from the server
  • 24x7 chat with Tech Support (for cases like now when they mess things up)
Anyone know anything about In my quick searches they looked good.


Minor Interruptions

There may be minor interruptions as UUpdates is migrated to a new server. The hosting company that I am currently using (I will be asking for recommendations for a new host in a later post) was bought out and the servers got migrated despite my selecting the "I will do this manually option".

Hopefully things will be straightened out shortly.