Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So, the ISP applied some updates to the server, and Apache needed to be restarted, and blah blah blah.....

From about 1:30PM to 7:00PM UUpdates didn't pull in any updates from any websites. According to the ISP everything should be fine now.

Monday, September 18, 2006

200 Sites listed

Welcome back to Errant Frogs! And with this "addition" UUpdates has now hit 200 sites that it is tracking. Google analytics tells me that just shy of 4,000 visits have been made and there have been about 12,000 page views (which includes links out to sites) in the past month. In terms of "unique" visitors it reports an avergae daily of about 50, and the visitor recency and loyalty numbers look very good. A majority of the loyal visitors come back daily, and they have been to the site hundreds of times.

Of course not everyone may be excited by the increase in numbers. We all have precious little time, and people have their favorites. So, all I can say is that one day the ability to customize the list of sites tracked will return. Really. I just don't know when.

What have I been busy with? Well, I have been helping out with the Prairie Star District site conversion from static HTML page to using PmWiki and some of the efforts that have been made have been offered back to the PmWiki Open Source community so that others can benefit as well.

I have also been putting a large amount of effort into a resource directory for Unitarian Universalists called Stonetree UU. We are hoping to have a new version out soon with many improvements in search capability, and options for the users. What does the site do? Well, basically it allows UUs to recommend people to other UU congregations. In the Prairie Star District there are a number of small congregations that primarily use visiting speakers on Sunday mornings. This gives the congregations a way to promote speakers and musicians they have enjoyed, and promotes speakers and musicians in the district. When the site gets further towards beta testing I will make an announcement here. When the site is ready for release we hope to be able to offer this sites functionality to other districts. I am the lead developer for this site, but very grateful that this site is not a solo project.

Oh, and a last tidbit from the weblogs. Where do people go after they visit? Well, here are the top 30 spots (in order of most visits) for the past month:

To everyone making a contribution to the collective voice on the web, thanks.