Friday, December 22, 2006

Disappointed with Gmail

In general I have really been enjoying Gmail, but recently something has happened which really annoys me. Gmail has tagged some e-mails sent from UUpdates as spam. And, of course, they were not. I think a quick search has revealed the messages and now i am working my way through them. If you sent something along feel free to resend, but hopefully i will be responding shortly. If you do not see a response shortly please do send me a note again.

I don't see an option in Gmail to run a filter that says "if the message matches this criteria then under no circumstances put it in the spam filter". Anyone know how this can be done?


UU Soul said...

My gmail account seems to be learning. It started off catching a lot of email in my spam filter but after I indicated that they weren't spam, I haven't had much of a problem. I just checked the spam folder and all but 3 of 72 were spam.

Anonymous said...

What's worked well for me is just checking my spam folder a few times per week, checking the boxes of things that are NOT spam, then clicking the "Not Spam" button.

Give it some time and it'll learn it well. Gmail rocks!

UUpdater said...

I suppose it is worth noting that this is one disappointment amongst much joy. I really do like Gmail compared to any other online e-mail program I have seen.

I'd just like a filter option to say anything matching "such and such" criteria is certainly not spam. I know Gmail will hopefully figure it out in short order, but it would be nice to not have to train it.