Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Award Planning - Demographics

I like the idea of asking optional demographic questions on the blog award voting. So far CC has also indicated she would be interested in seeing demographic breakdown of votes. Not many other have expressed an opinion.

I like the idea, but I hate the idea of trying to define demographic questions myself. If we ask about Theological Orientation should we ask in a "Select all that apply" format, or "choose the one you most identify with" or what? What is the best way to ask about gender? What age categories would work best?

Probably the best way to determine this would be to borrow someone else's hard work. Has anyone else taken a survey recently where they asked about demographics and liked the way they asked the questions? Anyone have any good suggestions for the best practice methods of collecting demographics? Other demographic categories to add? Geographic location?

I am planning on pulling out particular items for discussion from my previous post asking for feedback, anyone who wants to add stuff in that previous post please feel free.

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