Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Top Sites

Happy New year everybody. Year end seems like a good time to put together another "top X" list. So, this time I decided to pull the top 50. And here they are:

  1. The ChaliceBlog

  2. PeaceBang

  3. Boy in the Bands: Scott Wells on the practice of Christian faith

  4. Philocrites

  5. A Minister's Musings

  6. Yet Another Unitarian Universalist

  7. A Spiritual Walk Together

  8. The Happy Feminist

  9. Making Chutney

  10. PeaceBang's Beauty Tips For Ministers

  11. The Journey

  12. Media Nation

  13. it's all one thing


  15. Shadow of Diogenes

  16. Authentic Threads

  17. Errant Frogs

  18. The Wild Hunt

  19. ministrare

  20. RadicalHapa is Joseph Santos-Lyons

  21. Live from UU PLANET

  22. Sisyphus

  23. Jess's Journal

  24. Paul Wilczynski's Observations

  25. Sexuality and Religion: What's the Connection?

  26. Never Say Never To Your Traveling Self

  27. Elizabeth's Little Blog

  28. Ms. Kitty's Saloon and Road Show

  29. iMinister

  30. BiddiesInMyBrain

  31. Trivium

  32. debitage

  33. Unitarian Panentheist

  34. Returning . . .

  35. Red State Rebels

  36. Spirituality and Sunflowers

  37. Reignite

  38. Unity

  39. BiddiesInMyBrain

  40. Finding My UU Soul

  41. the Socinian

  42. Renewed Hope

  43. Reflections

  44. Root and Source

  45. the yes church

  46. UU Carnival

  47. The UU Enforcer

  48. The Ranting Rev

  49. Birthing Journey

  50. FUUSE

Some blog name changes and other factors might have moved the standings around a bit, for example if your blog name changed from "Arbitrary Name" to "" then the links over to your blog would have been split between 2 "different blogs". Also, this is a total over the year. if your blog is new then it is unlikely to reach the top.

How many people clicked through? Well for the folks at the top spots I sent over 2,000 "Unique Views" (as defined by Google Analytics) to each of those sites. For the sites at the low end it's a few hundred, and somewhere in between for everyone else.

Again, happy new year, and start thinking of those Blog Award nominations!

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