Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fourth Annual UU Blog Award Categories

Primarily based on discussion from last years process I am planning on dropping two of the categories. The Group blog category and the best commenter. I would love to hear other opinions on this and am certainly willing to be swayed. I am not sure the potential pool for the group blog has grown, and perhaps it has even shrunk with Coffee Hour remaining defunct. Fuuse deserves much credit for their online community, but it seems like more of a community site than a blog. Of all the categories it seems the hardest for people to nominate in. So I think the category is simply confusing. As to the commenter, I do understand the original intent, but it extremely difficult to get nominations in that category. Good commenting seems to be an ongoing thing, and very difficult to pull shining examples. This is not set in stone, please comment with opinions. I am easily swayed.

Aside from that I will just be planning on having the same categories as last year.

Current schedule:
  • Nominations Jan 21st through 27th.
  • Nominations finalized, and time for people to read the nominations
  • Voting February 11th through the 15th
  • Winners finalized and posted

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