Friday, January 26, 2007

Third Annual Blog Award Countdown

The countdown to the opening of the voting for the Third Annual UU Blog Awards has begun. Last year opening and closing the voting period was a manual process making it hard to communicate a time (had an issue with nominations for this year as well). I wasn't sure when I would be sitting there ready to go. So this year the timing is all automated. Oh, and some folks liked watching the vote totals rise, others wanted mystery. This year we will have a little of both. Votes will remain hidden until at least 5 people have submitted their votes, then they will be displayed until a few hours before voting closes. They will remain hidden until the winners are revealed.

I will probably still put an announcement out on Monday, but the voting will open automatically.

So, one weekend and then a week left to read the nominations. Good luck to all our nominees!


ms. kitty said...

Paul, how do we go about voting? I don't see any explanation anywhere. Sorry to be dense.

UUpdater said...

If Paul wants to chime in that's cool, otherwise I will take a shot at answering. :-)

And please do not hesitate to ask questions like this. You are not the first to ask, I seem to be confusing people. Possibly, because I offer no explanation on how to vote. Hmmm... It's hard for me, as the person who wrote the software to look at it with "new eyes" and figure out what isn't clear , and what needs explanation.

To vote go to the UU Blog Award Home Page. Select the radio button on the left in the same row as the nominee you would like to vote for. You may select one nominee to vote for per award. When you have selected all the nominees you wish to vote for click the "Vote" button at the bottom of the page.

Does this answer your question? If yes perhaps it would be good to add an explanation to the voting page. if not let me know and if possible if there is anything specific that is confusing (layout, etc.).

ms. kitty said...

Thanks! It worked fine. I just didn't see the little button until you pointed it out.