Wednesday, January 25, 2006

UUism 1.2 or 2.0?

As I have been reading through the fixing UUism series of posts I keep asking myself "so is this a bug fix, or a new feature request?" Yeah, I know, I deal with software too much.

To try and put this in non-computer geek terms is this a fix for something that is broken, or is it just a new idea - a way to enhance what we have? The reason I wonder this is because for some of the suggestions I can't figure out what the suggestion is trying to fix. For example does a lack of a UU monestary mean we need a fix?

Perhaps I am focusing too much on the words being used (I do that), but for some of the suggestions I do think it would be useful to know if it is a new idea, or specifically what problem the "fix" is trying to address. Just as an example one of the entries I have commented on is the Member ratification of GA resolutions . If we have a problem of alienating "right of center-UUs" I am not sure if they would be more or less alienated by a ratified "left of center" social witness. Not that I want to fire up the discussion here, I would just like to know along with the fixes what exactly the percieved issues, if any, are. Some like Eliminate UU Hypocrisy are sort of obvious. Maybe they are all are, but just not to me.

So are we trying to fix some bugs (moving to the next stable release of UUism takes us to version 1.2), or are we trying to enhance our product offering (major enhancements take us to version 2.0)? Of course all this assumes we are currently at 1.0...


PhantomDirector said...

Definitely anticipating, expecting, hoping for a totally NEW Release with features that are UUser Friendly!

Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt

Will Powers said...

Words are very important