Wednesday, January 25, 2006

UU Blog Awards Updated Jan. 25th 2006

I have updated the tallies for the UU blog award nominations. The results can be seen here.

Interesting notes from this this update:
  • Someone stuck "James fields BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in the comment field, not sure what to do with that.
  • So far ChaliceChick is the most "written in" nomination, my guess is the nominators couldn't find " The ChaliceBlog" which is the offical name of the blog.
  • Language Games and Miscellaneous Arbitrary Marks managed to get nominated for "Best Online Community or Group Blog", "Best Non-UU-Themed Blog" and "Best UU-Themed Blog" not sure what, if anything, to do about that.
Please feel free to comment regarding anything related to the UU blog award process here.


Chalicechick said...

My kneejerk response:

1. I'd call that a "Best Blog," nomination for Left Coast Unitarian.

2. Thank you.

3. Shrug. Consider them votes?


LaReinaCobre said...

I really appreciate this because once again I am introduced to a few more blogs. I will definitely have to check out Left Coast Unitarian.

UUpdater said...

I have been introduced to some new blogs as well. As a result of the process "Red State Rebels" and another blog have been added to UUpdates. Awards are definitely a good way to promote the whole UU blogosphere.