Thursday, May 24, 2007

Server Upgrade

The ISP let me know that my site, and most of it's settings had been migrated. I have managed to mostly get things running, but you may notice some odd behavior. If you do please let me know, like strange characters, sites not updating, etc. I have been working through a list of errors I have noticed.


Earthbound Spirit said...

Apparently my bookmark for the site no longer works?

UUpdater said...

Hopefully this will be resolved in a little while. Unfortunately depending on your ISP it could take a while. Non technical explanation is that the server is up and running fine, but no one can "find it" yet. The address information for looking up the server has changed.

For the technically inclined interested. The problem is with a change that needs to happen at the root domain servers. The information has been updated from the switch, but the change will need to propogate out. Depending on your ISP and they way they configure DNS caching, and in particular negative caching that will determine how long it will take for the site to appear again. Once the new info is out, everything should work fine.