Monday, July 10, 2006

New Logo

I finally thought of a chalice/logo for UUpdates. The image is very basic chalice with two portions of a circle surrounding it. Lest anyone think that the partial circles are a theological commentary I will point out that it's inspired by the Live Bookmark button used by Firefox. For an explanation of the logo (Firefox's not mine) check out this post. I wanted a similar idea.

In case it changes on the site in the future here is the version I am talking about.

I am not a graphic artist, I was inspired but this does not imbue me with natural talent for graphic design. If you do have such skills and are so inclined I would truly appreciate someone taking the "radiating chalice" idea and making something that looks really nice.


boyinthebands said...

In my typical Gen X harmless, morning snarking way, when I saw the favicon for UUpdates, I thought,

"What is that? Radio Free Europe?"

At which point, the jukebox in my brain started playing REM's "Radio Free Europe".

But something that evokes international broadcasting is a natural for an aggregator site . . . .

boyinthebands said...

What happened to the new logo?

UUpdater said...

Well, there were 2 "sections" of the site. the main section and the support Wiki (which isn't much of a Wiki anymore). Anyway, I had only updated 1 of the logo references, so if you were seeing the light blue chalice I had originally put up (the fractal chalice) that would be why. it has now been updated.

If you were seeing the stained glass chalice then maybe it was an old cached copy? Or if it consitently happens on certain pages let me know. perhaps i missed another reference.

Maybe i should consider adding background music like FACEXPACES.

CK said...

Nice new logo! And a thanks for the site in general--it is awesome.

I would probably be against background music...unless you had the option to turn it on (no auto start). Just my thought.

UUpdater said...

I was joking about the background music. In general I try to be real stingy about bandwidth usage. Minimal use of graphics, etc. There is no way I would add background music.

Glad to know it's worthwhile effort.